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At S2B, we believe that being a "consultant" means we go beyond simply project specific services. We want to be your "go to" people when you need that something extra. If you have any general questions or a specific topic that you'd like to see developed into a presentation, let us know. We're happy to help where we can.


S2B Structural Consultants PLLChas put together a 1-hour informational presentation to help architects, owners, and contractors better understand the typical criteria structural engineers use in designing buildings for movement and how building structures move after they are built. This presentation will provide insight on building floor deflections, how they impact architectural finishes (such as interior partitions and exterior façade), and what is (or is not) in the codes. Additionally, it will address global building movements, or drifts, how the type or arrangement of building lateral resistance systems impact the building behavior, and considerations for the sizing and detailing of expansion joints. This presentation should be beneficial to anyone involved in space programming and building layouts as well as design and detailing of exterior skin systems, such as precast, masonry, or glazing. 

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